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Welcome to the Research Exchange

The Research Exchange Index (REx) is an searchable index of contemporary writing research. It features brief descriptions of individual projects, focusing on the research process and serving as a complement to other forms of scholarly publication (i.e., published research, institutional reports, formal and informal presentations). See an example of the information REx requests.

Why can't I see others' entries now? This information will be available after a multistage process of collection, editing, and peer-review is complete and the database is formally published by a digital scholarly press. Learn more about why REx is worth the wait.

Do we need another writing resource? REx complements resources like CompPile. Learn More ....

Are there deadlines? Through May 2013, REx is collecting information about research conducted between 2000 and the present. The target date for publication of the complete, edited database is 2015, although like any scholarly publication, that date is subject to change in relation to the publication process.

We invite you to explore this site and use the links below to submit descriptions of your research studies. Contact us if you have any questions.